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About Carolina Concierge Nursing

I established Carolina Concierge Nursing in order to provide exceptional, personalized nursing care without the constraints of big insurance corporations. In my career, I have found there is often a gap between the healthcare provider and the patient. Patients don’t always advocate for themselves for various reasons and often feel lost in their healthcare journey. Sometimes patients just need extra support due to a recent change in health, whether that’s adding a new bundle of joy to the family or having surgery. This is where our professional nurses, RNs and LPNs, can provide the education and knowledge for our clients and assist them to live their best life. As an elite concierge nursing service, we can provide professional nursing care for multiple situations.

How can our services be beneficial to your family? Often, families are spread out across the state or even country. They want to be there to help take care of an aging loved one or a new baby, but that's not always possible. As Carolina Concierge Nursing provides hands-on care and personal assistance to clients in their own homes, this can bring a greater peace of mind.

Maybe you live close but are not always able to accompany your loved one to a medical appointment due to work or other obligations. Perhaps you are going out of town and would like someone to check in on your loved one so that you can relax and enjoy your time away. Let our trained, professional nurses provide care in your stead and alleviate some of your worries.

Carol Ann Matthews, RN
Owner/Operator of Carolina Concierge Nursing, PLLC

Nurse Carol Ann Matthews
mother and newborn baby

Our Approach

As your personal nurses, we will listen to your concerns and inquiries and provide expert knowledge and treatment to assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We will always show compassion and patience. Our goal is to be your health advocate!

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