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Newborn Family Care


Preparing to start a family can be a very exciting time! But it can also be overwhelming and, for some, difficult.


Carolina Concierge Nursing can provide support for those at the beginning of the journey who choose to do fertility treatments with injection services in the privacy of your home.


And for those welcoming that new member into the family, we offer postpartum support as mom recovers and everyone adjusts to a new life. Our postpartum transitional services include:

  • Greeting the new family at home and assisting with settling in

  • Tips and techniques of basic newborn care including diapering, bathing, and umbilical/circumcision care

  • Breastfeeding support or assistance with formula feeding

  • Recovery care for mom including proper nutrition, hydration, and pain management

  • Mental and emotional support for everyone

Newborn Family Care Packages

All Our Services Are Private Pay.

We Will Discuss Pricing During the Consult

Getting to Know You

1-hour in-person or virtual consult

  • Getting to know the current family dynamics

  • Discussing the birth plan

  • Discussing expectations and possible needs

Bubbles and Snuggles

4-hour visit

  • Baby assessment including umbilical site, circumcision site

  • Mommy assessment including pain management, nutrition and hydration & recovery

  • C-section/episiotomy monitoring and care as needed

  • Family dynamics review

  • Assistance with bathing newborn

  • Assistance with breast/bottle feeding

  • Assistance and education with establishing good sleep habits

  • Overnight accommodations can be pre-arranged

Welcome Home

4-hour visit

  • Welcome baby with pictures of family arriving home using client’s camera 

  • Help settle in

  • Newborn assessment including temperature and skin

  • Review basic infant care

  • Review pain management and recovery care for Mommy

  • C-section/episiotomy monitoring and care as needed

  • Review proper nutrition and hydration needs of Mommy during recovery

  • Review feeding (breast or bottle) needs and concerns

  • Help family members understand newborn and Mommy adjustments

  • Overnight accommodations can be pre-arranged

Mommy needs Pampering

8-hour visit


  • Taking baby duty while mommy naps or runs errands or pampers herself!

  • Overnight accommodations can be pre-arranged

Fertility Services


Fertility Treatment Services and Injections

  • Mixing medication per orders

  • Administer injection at home

  • Performing trigger injection when ordered

What We Offer


Private In-Home Senior Nursing Care


Newborn Family Care
& Fertility Services


Post-Surgical Nursing

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our concierge nursing services? Read our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

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